24 Sep 2011

The girl still waiting you ~

You know what yesterday i saw a girl was crying over her bedroom . I verry pity for her . Her told me her need my help . She always hope u will came and see her . She hope u will came and be her boyfriend forever n ever . I hope so . She very love you . Right now she love u and she need u . She very love u . She hope oneday u will propose her . if she ignore u please dont giveup it mybe just aa gimic . just propose and propose her again and again . Btw u know who ? act its me , yeah thats me . I wish u will came and see me !! I wish u i'll be mine forever . Yeah ! Cuz i love laa , and i want u !! as usually every day u will text-ing me , but when i didn't rep u i'll angry . Oneday  we i'll seperate rite , even without any reasons . I sad cuz i very need u right now . Cuty , comey memang sayang cuty sangad2 ! hmm "(
Tengs for reading ; Fatt Syaff

Fatt Syaff Blogger , Welcome Sweet Heart (: